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Training and Education in Paper Conservation

April 2010

The Training & Education in Paper Conservation Meetings were started in 2003 at Northumbria University and were co-ordinated by Jean Brown (Northumbria University) and John Krill (Winterthur - University of Delaware). They provided the first formalised opportunity for colleagues developing and delivering paper conservation programmes to meet to discuss their respective curricula. They have become an annual event hosted each year by one of the paper conservation programmes. The reports from each meeting can be found below. Since John's retirement at the end of 2007 Ingelise Nielsen (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art) has taken over the responsibility

Due to the economic situation and the need to adopt a more sustainable approach to our meetings it has been decided to present the 2010 meeting in an electronic format. It is hoped that colleagues will take the time to read the respective submissions and contribute to the online discussion.

We are hoping to present the details of every paper conservation programme so if your programme is not yet represented please send details to Jean Brown. The template allows the respective programmes to be compared quickly and easily whereas the overview provides the opportunity for a more personal description. Templates can be downloaded by clicking on the respective tab

If your details need up-dating please send any changes to Jean Brown.

A Jean E Brown

Ingelise Nielsen or